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Welcome to RNID Typetalk and TextDirect

There are an estimated 450,000 deaf, hard of hearing, speech–impaired and deafblind people in the UK that cannot use a standard telephone. For them textphone communications provides a vital lifeline along with TextDirect and Typetalk.

By making calls through TextDirect textphone users have automatic access to the Typetalk Relay Service, the new TextDirect Relay service for people with communication difficulties.

Along with access to Typetalk TextDirect converts ringing and busy tone into text messages, which are displayed on the textphone display and allows the telephone companies to provide a text rebate.

If you use a textphone you can make a call through TextDirect by dialling prefix 18001 before the telephone number you want. TextDirect is available from most UK telephone networks.

TextDirect is provided by BT, Typetalk is managed by the RNID and both are supported by the UK Telephone Industry.

To download the latest Typetalk PDF Update (653 kb) click here.

services for people with communication difficulties image If you have a hearing or speech problem then making calls through TextDirect and Typetalk can help. We offer free help on getting started and advice on how to use your textphone with TextDirect and Typetalk.
services for hearing people image Many hearing people have deaf friends or family or occasionally you may need to contact someone who is deaf or speech–impaired. By making calls through TextDirect and using Typetalk this process is made easy for everyone. A little understanding is all it takes and you could be having a conversation with a deaf or speech impaired person today. A few of our favourite Blogs are Funktion einer digitalen Spiegelreflexkamera , Technik News as well as Mehr Elektronik News , Noch mehr Elektronik News
services for organisations image Are you an organisation who would like to communicate with your deaf or speech impaired customers over the phone, giving them access to your goods and services, or do you have a deaf or speech impaired employee who needs access to the phone? If so we can help. Our friendly Customer Service Team can give you free advice and information on how to communicate with your deaf and speech–impaired customers.
latest news image Keep up to date with all the latest news from TextDirect and Typetalk. Find out about the latest equipment, new information leaflets and events coming your way.
information service image Find out how Typetalk and TextDirect started. Download all the latest information leaflets. Meet the team and visit our Contact Centre which gives you several options to contact Typetalk and the TextDirect team.
Getting Started image If you know someone who is having problems hearing on the phone but don’t know where to start then we can help. Typetalk and TextDirect’s Customer Service Team can give free advice on how to get started and even point you in the right direction.

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